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To Help Small Business Entrepreneurs, Students, New Start-up and Manufacturing Organizations Acquire the Software, Knowledge, Experiences and Skills Necessary to Start Their Own Business Projects Manufacturing Excellence  Pro Lean Academy a Private Researcher on 0.4 Lean Application, we Provide Services to MSME,SME Manufacturers in Gujarat.

Our Mission is to Create Solutions for Manufacturing Growth and Profitability.
We Provide Services to Manufacturers to Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue and
Develop a Strong Workforce. We Accomplish These Goals by Creating Solutions,
Value and Advantages for Each Manufacturer



Mechanization, Steam
Power, Weaving Loom



Mass Production, Assembly
Line, Electrical Energy



Automation, Computers
& Electronics



Cyber Physical Systems,
Internet of Things(IoT), Networks, AI, Machine Learning



Mechanization, Steam
Power, Weaving Loom



Mass Production, Assembly
Line, Electrical Energy



Automation, Computers
& Electronics



Cyber Physical Systems,
Internet of Things(IoT), Networks, AI, Machine Learning

Our consulting Services

Only high-quality ideas get results

Continuous Improvement

Lean Manufacturing

We will help you with consulting for -production,process,man, machine, material.We are happy to help your business profit make perfect direction.

ISO Consulting Service

(QMS)Requirements for regulatory purposes of an organization to Design, Manufacture and Deliver products and services to meet customer demand as well as applicable statutory & regulatory requirements. The standard also specifies framework to assess the customer perception and the continual improvement.


If you haven't yet started your lean Training, then you're probably doing a lot un even organised manufacturing structure. Continuous Improvement Tools and training for a wide variety of Problem-Solving Tools to empower you to professionally handle a wide variety of diverse types of problems. PDCA, A3, 8D, kata coaching, Kaizen Events, and more problem-solving methods, as well as Root Cause Analysis tools, and Preventive Maintenance tools, and continuous improvement tools for problem prevention.

Our Responsibilities

Think strategically, act decisively



Industry 0.4

Embeded system(AI)

Business Intelligence

Data Process (ML)

0.4 Lean

Milind Patel


Industry 0.4 Lean Manufacturing Consultant

BE -Production Engineering

Partnering with clients to develop pragmatic and contemporary people solutions is at the heart of my work. For Over 5+ years,

I have been consulting to General Manufacturing industry, MSME, SME, and Micro Scale Industry, and passionate about working with my clients to develop solutions to improve their business. I have worked with Senior Executives through to Field and Frontline Staff and Teams in

automobile, SCADA, ERP, 0.4 Industry PC Monitoring and software, Vacuum Resin infusion (Fibre Glass), Plastic-Injection Moulding, Writing Instruments product, Construction Equipment, Chemical & Pharma industries,CNC Machine,Textile Industry,Diamond and Jewelry etc…, business consulting field

  • Six Sigma and Lean implementation
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Cost Savings

Management Solutions & Services

We bring your business to new heights

We deliver rapid, quantifiable results through an integrated portfolio of offerings in the following four key areas:

Strategy :

Grow Your Business

People :

Develop Your Talent

Process :

Improve Your Productivity

Performance :

Achieve Your Objectives

    A Partnership for success

    By partnering with pro lean academy your
    company will gain the knowledge and
    skills to :

    Imprves the decision
    making process

    Helps you know
    your business

    Reduce the risk
    of bottlenecks

    Easy to access &
    share information

    Real-time anyalysis
    with quick navigation

    Helps identify waste
    in the system

    Knowledge And Expertise

    Through our in-house staff of experts, our partners and our national network of affiliates, Pro lean academy has the talent, the knowledge, the resources and the reach to deliver innovative ideas, technology and practical solutions that help our clients enhance their businesses on all dimensions, top-line through bottom-line.

    We work in partnership with these resources to solve your business challenges by advancing these best practices in manufacturing management, operations, methods and processes. Every engagement is independently measured and evaluated to ensure we meet and exceed your objectives.

    Industries We Serve

    Access to Resources

    In addition to significant in-house capability and expertise, a national network of partners uniquely positions to pro lean academy provide the right service for each business environment. We are able to research marketplace trends, share best practice information and develop new service offerings – using the latest in manufacturing tools and methodologies – to minimize risk, lower costs and help you obtain faster results.



    Pharma & Health Care

    E-Commerces & It



    Our diverse team brings an average of 5+ years of executive, manufacturing and consulting experience to deliver a powerful combination of industry, business and technical know-how.We are committed to your success.

    Results of Our Work

    To offer an education experience that is truly
    national, Together with our experienced input, we
    have attracted inspiring faculties, are planning to
    establish a global standard education according to new education policy.

    These results represent a 6:1 return on consulting investment

    Consulting project work

    Intelligent Solutions to Maximize Your Profits

    Cost of Poor Quality 

    Resin infusion Equipment’s and consumables
    Product's-peel ply fabric, omega profile, spiral tube, perforated film, feed hose pipe, vacuumed valve, vacuum infusion mesh, vacuum bagging film, breather fabric

    Project work-Quality Policy development,SOP, 5S,ISO Documentation amendment,New Vendor Development

    -Composites Material

    Supplier Assessment & Quality product

    Injection molding machine


    Product's-kitchen ware equipments,wrighting products,textile machinery equipments,automobile equipments,electrical equipments

    Project Work-QMS and Lean Manufacturing

    - plastic manufacturers

    Flame proof and weatherproof electrical equipment’s

    Casting and CNC machining

    Product's-Junction box, switch gear, enclosure, control panel Flameproof (Explosion proof) Ex-d,Gas Groups: I, IIA, IIB and IIC

    Project Work-Quality Assurance & AQL ISO 2895 acceptance sampling system for inspection

    - electrical equipments Industry

    " Creating Effective Lean Manufacturing Process Charts"

    Visualizing Efficiency

    Webinar Lead Trainer &  Author

    Milind patel is an experienced practitioner and thought leader in the field of Business Process Management (CI) and 0.4 lean application. He co-founded Pro lean academy, a consulting company focusing on performance improvements and appropriate digitalization application in manufacturing process.

    7 JULY 2024

    7 pm - 8 pm (IST)

    How We Work ?

    Consulting is the secret to unlocking your vision.



    Understand Business Objectives



    Asses the current state of Operation



    Identify opportunities for improved performance



    Develop select alternatives



    Implement a Customized approch



    Measure progress and results