About Our Corporate Training Programme

Pro Lean Academy is a management consulting and training firm. we offer corporate training 0.4 lean application and system.  we have worked globally. Our corporate training program includes Soft skill training, as well as result-oriented long term workshops.  we have a unique method to generate results. Each Training Programme is mapped for a result.

Pro Lean Academy had worked for more than 30+ corporate training programs. Each program is uniquely designed to meet your need.  we are offering a Training program that adds values to your organization.

Pro Lean Academy training programs Bring change at the workplace by developing your employees into more self-confident, Trusted, and Change agents.
Our exceptional modular corporate training courses are designed to focus on generating results that bring success to the organization.

The system was created to reinforce organizational competencies and address performance gaps while giving participants the ability to apply what has been learned in their own work environment.

Pro Lean Academy had the following a training program for your

1. Corporate training program

2. Lean Training Programme

3. Training Program for Businessman and entrepreneurs

4. Training Programme for Middle management

5. Training Programme for Worker & operator.

The corporate training program is designed to meet the required output. Each corporate training is tailormade and designed to deliver results.

The lean training Programme will be covering all lean tools. We will have a practical approach. Training material Presentation and workbook will be provided by us. We assure competency building and the team will be able to execute each program.

With 0.4 lean application expertise, we are focus on the problem that businessman faces today. Each training is unique in nature & focuses on developing Entrepreneurship.

We provide an effective training program in regional language. Training with presentation and audio-video visuals help to generate results.

Training Programme


7 QC Tools

Kanban system and JIT


Process FMEA

Quality Circle

Value Stream Mapping

Blueprint of success

ISO 14001 Awareness Program


Creativity and lateral thinking

ISO 9001 Awareness Program

Poke-yoke mistake proofing

Supervision to Super-vision

Power of positive thinking

Goal setting

Effective public speaking

Emotional intelligence

Communication skill

Managing change for success

Store and inventory management

Team Building

Stress management

Personality development

Continual Improvement and Lean Kaizen-TQM

Analytical Approach in Problem Solving

Time Management

7 Area of Waste and Waste Management Control

Negotiation skill

Decision making

Strategic Management for 10x Growth

Personal Productivity